Why Join?

We are on a mission to help people and their pets get fit one step…ahem, paw print at a time and we want you to join us to spread the word and help us become a healthier nation of pets and their people! AND did we mention it is FREE! (Yes, BIG wags!!) We are about promoting Movement for a Cause.

PetsMove allows you to track the good times you have with your pet and share them with others for motivation.  You get PAWsome points, prizes, recognition and bragging rights…all in the name of HEALTH. Research has proven that if you create a plan and track your progress you are more likely to STICK WITH IT. Furthermore, research tells us that if you have a workout buddy you are less likely to skip workouts. We know you already have at least one workout buddy at home – the one with a tail; we are the other, along with a whole community of pet parents just like you!

We want to help make it easy for you and your furry friend in the lifelong endeavor of health and wellness, so we created The PetsMove Diary to help you record, analyze, track progress and help you stay motivated and proactive!

Understanding how much and what type of activity your pet gets on a daily basis is not only important to physical health, but also for behavior and it is a great tool you can share with your Vet!

The most important reason to join is for your pet. We want you to be able to enjoy your pet as long as you possible can and a fit & Healthy pet just lives a longer life. That’s just the facts. So join us TODAY at PetsMove.org!