Why Dog Food Labels Suck – Part 1

I often wonder why we have such a massive canine/pet obesity problem in this country. Is it because we don’t care about the health and well being of our dogs and would prefer that they live shorter lives? I don’t think so (MV notwithstanding)! Is it because we don’t care about the extra money we pay for food, medicine, vet visits and surgeries due to having overweight dogs? No way, especially in this economy! Is it because we are just plain lazy and don’t want to properly exercise our dogs? Well…maybe 😉 Without question, on a national level, we are feeding our dogs more food than they need to be healthy. Why is this? For a possible answer, let’s take a look at the primary source of feeding instructions for most pet owners: the label on the dog food itself. When was the last time that you really looked at your dog food label? I know, it’s intimidating. The ingredient lists alone are confusing and require a PhD to interpret (a lot more to say on this soon). Setting aside the challenges with the ingredients …read more

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