Welcome to K9 Fit Club

Welcome to K9 Fit Club: Move Your Mutt Workout

Trisha Montgomery, Founder and President, K9 Fit Club

Webinar Description:

An in-depth look at what you will find in K9 Fit Club classes. From warm ups and dynamic focus stations to doggie massage, we show you how to get a great workout with man’s best friend.




Tricia Montgomery, Founder & President, K9 Fit Club. B.S. University of Alabama, CVT, Joliet Junior College – 1997, AAFA/Action CPT, 2013.

Jon Jorgensen DVM, Director of Veterinary Care, K9 Fit Club. B.S. Biology 1988, B.S Veterinary Science 1990, Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine 1992, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Small animal practice owner 2000-present