Three Qualities of an Ideal Dog Food

There are several thousand commercially available dog foods to choose from in the United States alone. Almost every one of these contains long lists of ingredients and hard to understand “guaranteed analysis” and imprecise feeding recommendations. Unfortunately, this plethora of information and food choices can cause pet owners to become confused about how to choose a good food for their pet. Instead, the typical consumer will rely on the marketing verbiage and pictures on the packaging and other advertising done by the food brands. Relying on marketing messages and images to choose a pet food is a mistake. Messaging and imagery can be created to obfuscate the fact that the food is full of lower quality fillers and/or artificial ingredients. If you want evidence, go to the grocery store and randomly pick out a brightly colored bag with pictures of happy dogs on the package. Now, look at the first 10 ingredients and ask yourself if those ingredients reflect a wholesome, carnivore diet. The odds are pretty low that the answer is yes (there are exceptions, of course). Three Qualities of an Ideal Dog Food There are certain …read more

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