Testimonial: Fusion drops 14 lbs!

We received a wonderful letter from PetsMove Member Fusion the other day that we wanted to share with everyone. Fusion’s dad writes:

“Seven months ago Fusion, my 5 yr mixed lab, partially injured one of his knee ligaments. Back then he was pushing 105 pounds. I knew I had to take drastic measures or the other knee would result with the same fate.
Fusion00Dogtread.com provided the K9 FitVest and the program, Petsmove.org provided the motivation. 
Seven months later with hard work and reducing his caloric intake, Fusion dropped to 91 pounds thus minimizing his chances of another ligament injury and more importantly reducing his chances of developing early on set of arthritis”. 

Fusion’s dad also states:

I want our Petsmove members to rise up and walk their pets a little more, run an extra block, and mentally challenge them as well.  We will continue our cardio days with treadmill workouts, 7 mile walks, stairs workout, and obstacles. We will also continue with our strength days consisting of the squats at home, and just like Slimdoggy demonstrated the “up hill workouts”.

Finally every dog needs a fun day a week and that will be for Nosework and fetching balls at the park. They sure keep me active!

My project for Christmas is to build them a wobble board for core training. 
Check it out:



We love to get letters like this and hear about Fusion’s success. I know how much better he must feel and dad, you just added years to Fusion’s lifespan by getting his weight under control.






  1. That is awesome and quite a accomplishment you should be really proud of. Keep up the good work.

  2. Way to go! Keep up the great work.

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