Wilson (age 10)

Wilson (age 10)

Name: Wilson

Nickname: n/a

Owner Name: Taryn Tipton

I have my own blog at: http://cardiganshirecorgis.blogspot.com/

Breed:  Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Birthday:  May 23rd, 2003

Special Senior exercise routines: Nothing special, just long walks, fetch and swimming when possible.

Special Senior food requirements: N/A

What is your dog’s favorite exercise?  SWIMMING!

What is your dog’s favorite food?  He’s a corgi….anything!

What is your dog’s biggest fear?  Firecrackers

What is your dog’s favorite movie? Wilson doesn’t ever notice the TV screen so no movies.

What is your dog’s strength? Friendly to every dog he meets in a dignified way.

What is your dog’s weakness?  Doesn’t want to be touched by anyone but his family.

Who is your dog’s worst enemy?  Best friend/Worst Enemy would be his housemate Jimmy.

If your dog was a human movie star, who would he/she be?  Everyone always comments on how handsome Wilson is, so he would be George Clooney.