Taj (age10)

Taj (age10)

Name:  Taj Amira  …. AKC name is: Silverhoney’s Heart’s a Fire

Nickname: Taj

Owner Name: Anne and Terry Peay

Breed:  Weimaraner

Birthday: 4/6/2003

Special Senior exercise routines:  I love my long daily walks – anywhere from 1 – 2 hours, and occasionally we do sprints chasing the tennis ball and retrieving the bumper in the pool. I’m a blue ribbon, hunting dog, with a number of show ribbons too – so staying in shape is vitally important to me.  However, in my older years, Ive definitely slowed down some – just my body not my spirit, drive or heart.

Special Senior food requirements:  We just switched to a limited ingredient dog food made of sweet potatoes and fish – mostly salmon. Dry food mixed with a little wet, and sprinkled with Platinum Performance CJ !  It is yummy and we love it !

What is your dog’s favorite exercise?  Hunting pheasant – she would do it everyday if possible !  Second favorite exercise is a tie between retrieving the tennis ball or the bumper in the pool – it’s a toss up of which she loves more.

What is your dog’s favorite food?  Taj thinks all food is her favorite – truly !  There isn’t a food she would ever pass up – dog or human.

What is your dog’s favorite band?  Bob Dylan of course !

What is your dog’s biggest fear?  Not a big fan of large dark unknown objects – but for the most part Taj is pretty fearless !

What is your dog’s favorite movie?  Planes Trains and Automobiles !

What is your dog’s strength?  Her good looks 🙂  Really – it’s a combination of her determination and drive in the hunting field, and her sweet love and loyalty at home !

What is your dog’s weakness?  Stubborn and willful !

Who is your dog’s worst enemy?  The coyotes !  

If your dog was a human movie star, who would he/she be?  Jane Fonda