SlimDoggy Jack (age 9)

SlimDoggy Jack (age 9)

Dog Name: Jack

Dog Nickname: SlimDoggy

Owner Name:  Steve and Kate

Breed: Labrador Retriever

Birthday: 5/20/2004 (we really don’t know, Jack was a rescue!)

Weight Before: 105 lbs

Weight Now: 79 lbs

What is your dog’s favorite exercise?  Running

What is your dog’s favorite food?  Food

What is your dog’s favorite band? Stone Sour.  Jack is a rocker!

What is your dog’s biggest fear?  Running out of food.  And being left behind when mom goes for a ride.

What is your dog’s Favorite Movie? Marley & Me – he aspires to Marley’s mischief.

What is your dog’s strength? Fearlessness

What is your dog’s weakness? Bacon. And really, anything related to the four-letter word: FOOD!

Who is your dog’s Worst Enemy? Stranger-danger

If your dog was a human movie star, who would he/she be? Robert Redford – Blond, good looking, talented, but a senior citizen 🙂