Name:  Rita

Nickname: Bunny

Owner Name: Jackie Bouchard

I have my own blog at: Pooch Smooches – http://poochsmooches.blogspot.com

Twitter: @JackieBouchard

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/JackieBouchardWriter

Breed: Mutt, Beagle/Shepherd mix

Birthday: June 16, 2011

Weight Before: 44

Weight Now: 44

What is your dog’s favorite exercise? walks, play dates

What is your dog’s favorite food? I and Love and You

What is your dog’s favorite band? Depeche Mode, or is it Depeche Mutt?

What is your dog’s biggest fear? Strange men with hats, sticks, and ear-buds.

What is your dog’s Favorite Movie? “Up”

What is your dog’s strength? Making her mom and dad smile

What is your dog’s weakness? Can’t catch worth a darn

Who is your dog’s Worst Enemy? Crows!

If your dog was a human movie star, who would he/she be? Sophia Vergara (cuz Rita is also a beautiful Latina with a sense of humor!)