Reilly & Denny

Reilly & Denny

Name: Reilly & Denny (Reilly has the black markings – Denny the red markings)

Nickname: Cowspotdogs

Owner Name: Bree Hayhoe

I have my own blog at:

Twitter: @cowspotdog

Facebook: Reilly Cowspotdog

Breed: Shetland Sheep Dogs – Sheltie

Birthday: Reilly, June 19 & Denny, April 18

What is your dog’s favorite exercise? Walks – ANYWHERE

What is your dog’s favorite food? Anything Mom puts in our bowls.

What is your dog’s biggest fear? Baths or Water

What is your dog’s strength? Loyalty and a love of adventure.

What is your dog’s weakness? Not knowing when they are tired.

Who is your dog’s Worst Enemy? Rain