Name: Sherman

Nickname: Shermie, The Sherminator

Owner Name: Jen

I have my own site at:

Twitter: @MyBrownNewfies


How was your dog injured? Sherman was injured while running out in the backyard and he tore his right cruciate ligament and then 6 months later he tore his meniscus in that same leg.

What was your daily exercise before routine before the injury? Sherman would walk about 30-40 minutes per day and he was also learning how to pull a cart.

How have you adapted your routine to accommodate the injury? Since Sherman’s injury I now walk my dogs separately instead of together since Sherman can’t walk as far as Leroy at this time. Instead of taking one long walk Sherman now takes 2 small walks a day and also does low impact exercises.

What types of therapy are you performing and is it helping? Sherman began doing laser therapy and is currently doing hydrotherapy twice a week. I do believe that both therapies have helped, especially the hydrotherapy, which I have seen a great increase in Sherman’s stamina.

Stay tuned as we track Sherman’s recover.