Name: Lady

Owner Name: Shirley Castro

Breed: Schnauzer/Yorkshire terrier Mix

Birthday: Approximate date provided by the shelter we rescued her from almost a year ago had on file 12/14/2010.

Weight Before: When adopted she was close to 11 lbs. but she was underweight. When we first learned about this website she was 14 Lbs

Weight Now: 13.10 Lbs

What is your dog’s favorite exercise?  Loves running the ramps at the doggie park. Second favorite are stairs. She normally enjoys her daily walks, mostly the ones at night she likes it when there is less distraction.

What is your dog’s favorite food?  Started feeding Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Rabbit Formula, She clearly enjoys this better than their dry food.

What is your dog’s favorite band?

What is your dog’s biggest fear?  Lady fears the motorized wheel chairs, she barks at it while backing away from one.

What is your dog’s Favorite Movie? Not much of a tv fan, so no movies.

What is your dog’s strength? Lady loves people especially kids in strollers.

What is your dog’s weakness? When hiking, or during outdoors family events Lady goes hunting along with two Chihuahuas (friends). During the summer she sniffed a rabbit hole and carried a baby rabbit in her mouth as she ran back to where humans were, luckily still alive. When asked where she got it from, she walked over to same place where we then found two other rabbits. Another instance she caught a bird and later she was pawing it to play with. Oh yeah, then there was a fox she was running after, and I’m glad by this point I was training her with stop command and all I did was yell STOP and she did not continue the chase.

Who is your dog’s Worst Enemy? Not sure yet, She is friendly with other dogs. Of course I keep her way if I am not familiar with dog or owner.

If your dog was a human movie star, who would he/she be?  Not a movie Star but a singer. She will be like Shakira. Not because she can sing, but because she can shake the hips. Everyone complements her muscle tone and stance, mostly her rear “hip and thighs”.