Herky (age 8)

Herky (age 8)

Name: Herky

Owner Name:  Craig and Theresa Foster

Facebook: www.facebook.com/jumpinhayden

Breed: Black Lab

Birthday: 6/12/2005

Special Senior exercise routines: Working out on FitPaws with his DogTread k9FitVest

Special Senior food requirements:Herky is on an all raw diet with fishoil to help his joints

What is your dog’s favorite exercise?  Swimming!!

What is your dog’s favorite food?  Beef Heart

What is your dog’s favorite band? ACDC

What is your dog’s biggest fear?  There is not much Herky is afraid of.

What is your dog’s favorite movie? CaddyShack

What is your dog’s strength? He absolutely adores people and loves competing in dock jumping

What is your dog’s weakness?

Who is your dog’s worst enemy? Mean people that dump dogs at shelters

If your dog was a human movie star, who would he/she be?  The Rock/Dwayne Johnson