Name: Garth Riley

Nickname: Garthie; Lab-a-Muffin

Owner Name: Rebecca and Andrew.

I have my own blog at:

Twitter handle: @garth2007


Breed: English labrador retriever

Birthday: August 8, 2007

Weight Before: over 70 lbs in 2008

Weight Now: 60 lbs

What is your dog’s favorite exercise?  Hiking!

What is your dog’s favorite food?  Bacon! (he has it maybe twice a year)

What is your dog’s favorite band?  Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefers

What is your dog’s biggest fear?  Garth says “what is fear?”

What is your dog’s Favorite Movie?  none – falls asleep during movies

What is your dog’s strength? he’s has a great talent for making people smile (and he can hear a peanut butter jar open from a mile away)

What is your dog’s weakness?  He can’t resist eating poop.  He also LOVES to eat stuff, even stuff that’s not edible – like sticks, books, cardboard, mail, etc.

Who is your dog’s Worst Enemy?  Garth loves everyone

If your dog was a human movie star, who would he/she be?  Paul Newman