Glad to announce Gambler is OFF the injured list and back to his old self! Good job G’man, we know bed rest is tough in hunting season!

Name: Gambler

Nickname: Gman, G$, Giblet

Owner Name: JoAnn Stancer

I have my own blog at:

Twitter: @yojojo11


Breed: Chesapeake Bay Retriever

How was your dog injured? Jumped off the hood of my truck after jumping up there to eat out of the chickens bucket of scrapes.

What was your daily exercise before routine before the injury? Duck hunting opened in WI so we were out hunting.

How have you adapted your routine to accommodate the injury? Rest for Gambler, since he needs to gain weight because he is too thin for hunting I have kept his food amount the same.

What types of therapy are you performing and is it helping? He is on a N’SAID and icing his paw two times a day.¬†