PetsMove Seniors

sweetmaggiemay_seniorStarting November 1, 2013, we are celebrating National Senior Pet Month by honoring all of our PetsMove Senior Members. We have added a Senior Leaderboard to track how our seniors are doing in their daily activity. We love our two seniors, Jack & Maggie and recognize that seniors aren’t going to put the big PAWS on the board like those young whipper-snappers, but they work hard to keep fit and healthy, so they deserve some recognition!

In addition to awarding special prizes to our seniors, we will be featuring them in our Featured Dog slide show on the front page of If you are a member with a senior dog (8 or older) you can enter your dog to be included in our slide show. Just send us a photo of your dog (800×600) and we will contact you with the details. Send to We’d love to get ALL of our senior members included, so be sure and let us know.

And then, get your activities logged each day, speak up in our forums – I know you seniors have a lot of wisdom to add to folks just learning the ropes. Earn the most PAWS or participate the most in our forums or get the most friends to join up and you could win one of our great prizes!


  1. Nellie is proud to be out exercising and adding her paws to the senior leaderboard.

    • And she is doing a great job too!

  2. Callie and Shadow play hard in the yard (the rhyme was unintended, I promise 🙂 !) but I don’t always remember to record it on their diary. What can I say? I have some-timer’s disease (some times I remember, some times I don’t).

    • You can always log the activity the next day!

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