Featured Prize for November

We have several great prizes available this month on including a really cool tech gadget called HeyRex. HeyRex is a New Zealand based company that has developed (and released) a wearable device to monitor your dog’s activity, sleep, and scratching. SlimDoggy Jack has been wearing this for a few weeks and you can see Jack’s data here in the picture below.
Make sure to log your activities on the PetsMove diary, participate in the forums, and ask lots of question so that you will be eligible to win this amazing prize!

The idea behind this device is that you will be able to spot discrepancies and variations on your dog’s patterns, which can help alert you to potential health problems early on.


We like the device, although we think it would be even better if it could talk to our Slimdoggy app so that you could see an estimate of calories burned. :-) In any case, thanks to the HeyRex team for providing one great prize!

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