Membership Drive

WOW! Big announcements today from PetsMove about a virtual MOVE YOUR MUTT-A-THON event we are holding from Jan. 1-4th, 2014. You can read about it here. It’s going to be lots of fun for you and your pets, so be sure and join us.


But bigger news for all our Blogger friends is that we will be holding a Blogger contest and awarding a GRAND PRIZE to the Blogger who signs up the most PetsMove members during the month of December. Encourage your readers on your Blog, FB, Twitter – wherever to sign-up for PetsMove and join the action. All they need to do is enter YOUR Blogs name on their registration form and YOU will get credit for signing them up.

We will tally the sign-ups and announce our Grand Prize winner during the event.

Stay-tuned because we are planning a Blog Hop too – more to come on that front. A hint? Start thinking about your resolutions!