October Movers of the Month



We are pleased to announce our October Movers of the Month for PetsMove.org. Remember, our prizes are awarded based on PAWS achieved as well as other achievements during the month including participation and promotion of PetsMove to friends and family. We are pretty excited because we have FOUR awards to give out this month, so without further ado, our winners are:

  1. Katan: Katan has been at or near the top of the LeaderBoard all month – he is a real mover & shaker.
  2. Kayo: Kayo is a very active pup and gave Katan and Fusion a real run for their money this month. Keep it up Kayo. Kayo’s Blog (Boingy Dog) is also rocking new monthly Walk Your Dog Blog Hop, so check it out.
  3. Gizmo: Gizmo is one of our first PetsMove members and for a little guy, he is seriously active. He’s an inspiration to us all – both big and small!
  4. Sherman: Sherman was our first Rehab Warrior and while he didn’t rack up big PAWS while in recovery, he did pack on some muscle mass in the water therapy tank, so well done Sherman!

We will be notifying our winners of their prizes and send our Congratulations to each of them. Click on their names to see their PetsMove Profile.


  1. Woot! I’m so excited and honored! Thank you PetsMove this is just great

  2. Congratulations to all the movers of the month and thank you from Sherman:)

  3. I’m delighted to see TWO of my doggie friends here. Congratulations to all the pet parents who take the time to keep their furry or feathery companions healthy! It’s good to see this kind of commitment.

  4. Congrats Kayo on your win. You sure made my pack (Fusion & Katan) work extra hard and at the same time made Kayo work harder. Keep up the work with Thank Dog and hiking. Job well done.

    • Thank you and congratulations to Katan – you all are certainly movers and we love that! We had a pretty unbelievable day of movement today so we’ll keep trailing right behind you! ;0)

  5. WOW! So excited! I got a very late start checking things out and I’m thrilled to see this! Congratulations to Katan, Gizmo and Sherman as well!

  6. Congrats to the winners. Keep a movin.

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