National Walk Your Dog Week

National Walk Your Dog Week
Dates: October

We personally think MOVING YOUR MUTT should be celebrated all year, every day. That is why we helped to found A website dedicated to help pets and their people to get moving.

This week we are celebrating National Walk Week. For every new member signing up to from October 1-7 we will send our “MOVE YOUR MUTT” inspiration bands. Wear them as a reminder to yourself and others to move. Walking benefits both you and your dog (infographic). *download .pdf

Dogs and people were meant to move. Hopefully with more vocalization and support, more dogs and people will don their shoes and grab their leashes to hit the trails.

The reality, both people and their dogs are spending more time sitting – upwards of 10 hours/day for many. According to APPA National Pet Owners Survey, over 50% of dogs are left home alone every day. For most working people …read more

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  1. Great idea and will proudly wear, Slimdoggy and Petsmove have been inspirational for my dog maddie and myself, please keep up with innovational ideas…

    • Thanks Tess, we’re glad to provide the inspiration!

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