Mover of the Month Contest

Announcing our MOVERS OF THE MONTHMoveroftheMonth_Badge Contest!

We will be awarding prizes every month for our Movers of the Month. This prize will be awarded to selected PetsMover member(s) who have accumulated the most PAWS as well as participated & promoted the PetsMove initiative to their friends and family.

All PetsMove members are eligible, you just have to log your dog’s activity and keep your eye on our Leaderboard. We will award the monthly prize based on your dog’s activity, but also on your participation & promotion of the PetsMove initiative. We want everyone to Blog about it, share it on FaceBook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest – whatever your favorite social media channel is – help us get the word out – encourage your friends and family to join us in getting our pets moving! Be sure and tell us about your efforts on our Facebook page by sharing or posting it directly.

Our Forums will also be a big initiative – let’s get the conversation, questions and advice flowing. We have several groups already started and we might just have a Group Award as well!

Sign-up now – be sure and log your activity every day, encourage your friends and family to join and you just might win our MOVER of the MONTH prize!  We will be awarding prizes to THREE lucky Movers.

Our First Winners will be announced on the first Friday of October (on FitDog Friday)! Our initial Mover of the Month prize will be a 10 lb. bag of ‘custom’ Petbrosia dog food, which is a $39.40 value.  Awards will be claimed using a special code at checkout on


And which badge do you like better? The one at the top of the page or this one?