Introducing Group Paws Leader Boards

Thanks to everyone who has already become a PetsMove member. We have already had some amazing feedback and suggestions on how to make our site and community even stronger. One request that we heard often was whether we could track a team of dogs and have team leader boards and prizes.

So we did a little more coding and are pleased to announce the release of the “Group” (or Team) Paws Leader Board. Here is the Group Leader Board for this week.

Groups Leaderboard for Current Week

No dogs on the leaderboard for this period.  

How the Group Leader Board Works

We are using our community “Groups” as the teams. The Group Leader Board will reflect the groups with the highest number of Paws accumulated during the stated time period (e.g., week, month, all time).

If you formed a group for other reasons and not to “compete” as a team, we will still tally the total paws as if you did. Who know, maybe your group members will get motivated and exercise their pets (and log the activities on our site) more, which is a great thing! For those groups that have been created to “compete”, all we can say is GAME ON!

What About Prizes?

We will be making announcements on prizes, prize periods, and award criteria in the coming weeks so stay tuned. Like with the individual awards, group awards are meant to encourage activity.