Ideas for a Great Dog Weekend Getaway

Spring has arrived! The longer hours and warmer weather give us and our dogs a little boost of energy that makes us want to move. So what are you waiting for? Here are a few quick “Dog Weekend” ideas that will keep you and your dog(s) smiling through the next week:

Take a Hike –
Lace up the shoes, grab your backpack! Don’t forget to stock water and food for you and your dog if you plan to be out for an extended time. Scout a scenic day hike with your best friend. For inspiration and a spring in your step take a moment to look for a new place that offers a scenic view and less traffic. Ditch that phone, or turn off the cell service and focus on your dog and the enjoyment of being outdoors.

Find Your Zone – Agility, dock diving, barn hunt…sports abound! If your dog likes to move consider joining a club to learn new skills for a chance to bond in a sports-like atmosphere. Not ready to join just yet, go check out a few. They are guaranteed dog-friendly events, but even so….brush up on event etiquette and be mindful of your dogs and others …read more

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