Holiday Food Calories and the Price Your Dog Will Pay

Yes, it is holiday season. In the U.S., we are celebrating our Thanksgiving holiday and will soon follow this up with Christmas/Hanukkah, and New Years feasts (Hanukkah overlaps with Thanksgiving this year). Most of us will tend to overindulge and likely will pack on a few pounds if we aren’t careful. The same can be true for our dogs!

Who doesn’t want to share some of the wonderful Thanksgiving (holiday) food with our dogs? Turkey, squash, mashed potatoes are all yummy treats that our dogs just love. So go ahead and give your dog some holiday samplings. Just don’t overdo it and strive to make up the extra calories by cutting back on their regular food and treats and/or adding a little more exercise to burn some extra calories.

The Exercise Price for Holiday Treats

We compiled a small sampling of popular holiday foods along with their calorie amounts. We then calculated how long an average 50 lb dog would need to walk or run to burn off that extra food. The results are shown below.

With the exception of the pilsner beer , the food calorie data are for a single …read more

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