Helping Lucy’s Pain

Treadmill Workouts are Great for Laggers & Leash Pullers

———————–Lucy all smiles

Consider Treadmill Work during Early Rehabilitation

Lucy recently came in with back pain. This darling little dog loves to sniff the ground during outside walks; she often lags behind her owner and needs some encouragement with the leash attached to her harness. Lucy’s history included a variety of pain management treatments. I recommended a series of acupuncture treatments along with rehabilitative exercises to strengthen her core (which includes her low back muscles) and her hind legs. We meet up in the Canine Gym but also Lucy will have homework to dog. My program also includes balance work and body awareness. After several acupuncture treatments, we progress to introduction to Treadmill walking. Lucy hopped onto the treadmill and went right to work. I can encourage a more normal posture during treadmill work (vs walking outside). We will increase the speed and ask for better form as time goes on and Lucy’s body becomes stronger. You’ll see in the video that we have the side down for filming. Some dogs may be more comfortable with the sides up for their first time on the treadmill.

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