#GimmeFive Campaign

This year marks the fifth anniversary of First Lady, Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move initiative. The initiative was introduced as a means to help fight childhood obesity. There have been some significant changes and advancements made in fighting obesity as a result of this movement which she outlined at the annual “Building a Healthier Future” summit. On Monday, she will appear on the Ellen DeGeneres show to introduce a new campaign called #GimmeFive. The campaign’s purpose is to ask Americans to share five ways they are living a healthy lifestyle. They ask that you share your ideas or habits on social media using the hashtag #GimmeFive. One of their fun suggestions is dancing and they are introducing a new group dance for us to learn to help us get up and get moving. While childhood obesity is a huge problem in this country, so is pet obesity with over 52% of dogs and 57% of cats found to be overweight or obese. Our blogs, SlimDoggy and SlimKitty are focused on helping you keep your pet healthy and fit through food, fun & fitness. Not only that, our #PetsMove campaign was launched as a companion initiative to Let’s Move, and specifically designed …read more

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