Getting Started

Getting started in PetsMove and on your way to a fit and healthy dog is as simple as 4 easy steps.  In just a few short minutes you can register your pet, fill in a few short questions and PetsMove does the rest. That’s right – we give you a list of activities to record your exercise for the day, a food database to record feedings, and a wealth of articles to enhance your dog fitness knowledge and plenty of other support from a community of like-minded pet parents.

Step 1: Register as a PetsMove member.

Why? Once registered, you will have access to our tracking tools, all of our health & fitness resources, and most important you & your pet will be eligible for great prizes.

How? Click on this register link or go to the home page and click on the register button.  Enter in the requested information. Choose a username and password that you can remember, but we recommend using a mix of letters, numbers, and special characters. We do require a valid email account which we will use to verify your membership.  Make sure to check your email after you register in order to activate your membership! NOTE- your username is not your email so once you get the verification email, make sure to use your username to log in!


Step 2: Add your dog.

Why? Your dog is the star of PetsMove and will be the one that you track using our tools.  Plus, you must have a dog in order to be eligible for prizes.  And well, dogs just rock!

How? Once you are registered, you will have access to the “MyDogs” page accessible from  the top menu.  Enter in the requested information, load a picture of your dog, and submit.  You can now start to track your dog’s activities.

Important: Make sure to come back to the “MyDogs” page and update their weight whenever you have them re-weighed.  You can also upload a different (hopefully leaner and fitter) picture as often as you like!


Step 3: Diary Page – Add Daily Activity

Why?  Entering daily activities will let you see how active your dogs are over the course of a month, quarter, or year.  Plus, your dog’s activity will translate to PAWS collected.  The more PAWS collected, the greater your chance of winning a prize.  You may even see your dog on our ‘Leaderboard”.  Then you can brag to your friends and fellow PetsMove members!

How? Once you have added your dog, click on the “Diary” menu item from the top menu.  Select the dog (if you have added more than 1), select the activity, enter in a time (in minutes) and submit. You have just begun to collect PAWS!

Come back every day and keep your dog’s activity diary up-to-date and keep collecting PAWS.

Adding a new row allows you to submit more than 1 activity at a time.  Click Submit to record the activity in your Diary. Just be aware that all activities on the “add activity” screen will be submitted.

Step 4: Diary Page – Add Feeding

Why?  Entering daily feeding will let you see how many calories you are feeding your dog each day.  You will be able to see graphs showing your dog’s weight and their daily calorie intake over the course of a month, quarter, or year.  Plus, we are working with some of the dog food companies to get them to donate great food prizes to our community and knowing our member’s preferred food choices will help us get the best prizes!

How? Once you have added your dog, click on the “Diary” menu item from the top menu.  Select the dog (if you have added more than 1), select the food brand, and then based on the brand, select the formula.  Enter in the quantity fed (in cups for food, and in treats for treats).

Note: if you can’t find your food in the list, simply create a “custom food” and use that.  Some of our members create custom foods for human food, like Bacon, that they occasionally feed their dog’s or if they are on a raw food diet.  Once you save a custom food, you can add it to the feeding schedule by selecting “Custom Food” from the very top of the food brand drop down list.

That’s it, you are now ready to participate in PetsMove, track your dog’s progress, and maybe even win some prizes, if not bragging rights.

We also have a great community you can join and create groups to share and exchange tips and information.  Some of our members have formed ‘local’ groups so that they can organize local workout meetups!  You can learn more about our community features by exploring the Community pages available from our top menu.