Feeding a Senior Dog: Seven Functional Foods

Like humans, as a dog ages, their body will be less able to fight off disease and recover from daily physical and mental stress. As a result, it is crucial that a senior dog is fed a healthy and functional diet, so that they will live a long and high quality life. From a macro perspective, most normal senior dogs should be fed less carbohydrates and more protein than the typical ‘senior diet’ food would provide. For this reason, I don’t recommend commercially available senior food. Rather, I recommend choosing dog foods that are full of whole animal and fish based proteins and that contain multiple ‘super’ food ingredients. The senior dog will also be less active than their younger self, and protein can help minimize muscle loss associated with reduced activity. Of course, as a dog’s activity declines, so too will their daily calorie needs. Pay attention to portion sizes and treats so that your senior doesn’t become supersized. From a micro perspective, there are a whole host of super foods that can provide a plethora of health benefits to a senior dog. Below are …read more

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