Feed This, Not That: Protein

In theory, every single ingredient in a dog food formulation has a purpose, a specific reason or benefit that made the food company include it in the recipe. It could be that the ingredient is to provide protein, or perhaps it acts as a preservative. Whatever specific role needs to be filled, there are usually a wide variety of ingredient choices to fill that need, some of which are healthier and safer than others. Indeed, the ingredients that a pet food company chooses to use (or not) define the suitability of that food for a species, as well as the overall quality of the food. Today, I am starting a new food series called “feed this, not that”. This is a play on “Eat this, not that”, a series of articles and then books by Dave Zinczenko, the former editor of Men’s Health magazine. In the “eat this not that” series, the author would compare and contrast popular human foods and make recommendations for healthier choices. I plan on doing the same type of thing, focusing on specific pet food ingredients that serve similar purposes in a dog food recipe. …read more

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