Dog Food Labels Suck- Part 2

In our last post, we discussed the problems with using the feeding instructions on dog food labels. Following these can easily result in over-feeding. Today we will examine the monetary cost of overfeeding your dog. We will use the example that we used in Part 1 of this series. We had a 60 lb. inactive Dalmatian who was being fed 3 Cans per day of Canidae Grain Free @ 416 kcals per can. This dog was overweight and their target weight was 53 lbs. Thus, she was eating ~1,250 kcals per day when she really needed only ~950. (Note- the 950 kcal estimate is what she should be consuming at her target weight and activity level. For a quicker weight loss, we would actually feed the dog 75%-85% of that until she achieved his target weight and then increase to 950). Now let’s figure out how much this dog is being overfed each day. Our example dog needs 950 kcals per day and there are 416 kcals per can. Thus, assuming no treats or other food, we would need to feed this dog about 2.25 (950/416) cans per day at …read more

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