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Dog Exercise Log: Weekly Program

Coaches and athletes use it to monitor performance. Researches refer to it as the key for consistent and permanent weight loss. What is it? A Training Log. So does your dog need it? Well until your dog can read, maybe not – but it can help you focus on your dog’s physical and mental exercise needs. What may seem like a recording of trivial data can be the basis for analyzing progress. ... »

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Learning to stand up on an obstacle requires focus, balance and skill – turn your dog into a Rock Star with this Stand drill Rocks are great obstacles to perform a variety of strength exercises for your your dog. Choose one that is relatively smooth and large enough to perform the activity TOOLS: Collar or Harness, Leash, K9FITvest (try with and without to note form) DURATION: 5-10 repetitio... »

Exercise and Canine Diabetes

By steve We have been asked by some of our readers about the special considerations that apply when exercising a diabetic dog. The fact is, diabetes is a serious, but often manageable disease and it is not an excuse to let your dog become a couch potato. More than anything, canine diabetes is a disease that requires consistency in daily routines, including feeding and exercise. Today we will brief... »

Geocaching FitDog!

By mkob Hi, SlimDoggy Jack here. Today for FitDog Friday, we decided to get out and take part in this geocaching craze and join our friends Gizmo and Finn & Charley for GeoDog Day! What is geocaching? Gizmo and Finn & Charley talk about it all the time on their blogs, but basically it’s kind of like a scavenger hunt and if you don’t know what that means, look it up People all o... »

Doing the Labby Limbo

I hope that you all are staying fit and in ‘summer shape’ as we head into mid-July. This week, we want to share an exercise that we stumbled upon down at the park. We didn’t think much of it until several weeks ago when we paid closer attention to Jack during the movement and noticed that it seemed to really engage his leg and core muscles in ranges that he normally does not ‘train’. W... »

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