Canine Fitness Workout for Blind Dogs

Blind dogs can exercise safely with the DogTread Treadmill

Zeus is 12 years old and loves his weekend hikes

On a recent hike with Zeus in the high mountains of Colorado, it became apparent that he has lost even more depth perception. At home, he must have everything memorized – and I’m definitely not one to rearrange the furniture weekly. So when hiking over rocks and logs and a variety of terrain, little Zeus marched along without any concerns.

When Zeus walked right over a small rock ledge and stepped confidently …. into the air….. I knew we had to make some changes in his exercise plans.

Zeus just stepped off the rock ledge and stumbled, did a summersault, got up and kept right on hiking. It didn’t phase him physically and mentally (something to be said for all the canine conditioning we have done over the years!). It sure made my heart tumble. I am here to help guide and protect this little guy. From now on, he will be on leash for hikes until an area is inspected as sage for him.

The best way to exercise a blind dog (big or small) is to use the DogTread Treadmill.

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