Canine Fitness Equipment: Weights

To the surprise of many, dogs can lift weights as part of a well-rounded fitness program. Of course, I don’t mean barbells and dumbbells, pullup bars or kettlebells. Sorry, dogs just don’t have that opposable thumb that is so key for grabbing and holding heavy objects. However, there are a few options for those who want to add weights into their dog’s exercise mix. When it comes to canine weight training, two types of equipment are available, the weighted vest and the ankle/leg weight. Canine Weighted Vest The canine weighted vest is comparable to the human weighted vest and can be used in many of the same ways. The idea is to place an additional load (weight), centered safely on the torso, to add resistance to any exercise, and this build strength and endurance. I use a weighted vest when running, stair and hill climbing, or when doing body weight moves like planks or pullups. Dogs can use their weighted vests to enhance the strength building benefit of basic movements like walking, running, balance and core work. The vest can turn any move into a strength move, …read more

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