Canine Fitness Equipment: Water Treadmill

Many years ago, when I was recovering from a strained Achilles tendon, my physical therapist had me use their water treadmill as part of my return to walking and running. This was an interesting experience for me. Although it didn’t quite feel like real running, I could tell that my muscles were being worked, albeit in a different way. Lucky for me, I have not had to use the water treadmill again so far (knock wood). However, four of my senior dogs have used it as part of a strengthening and therapeutic therapy program. In fact, the water treadmill, although sometimes hard to find, is a fantastic piece of equipment for canine rehabilitation and fitness. The Canine Water Treadmill The canine water treadmill is similar to the human version like the one I used. The key difference between the human and canine water treadmill is the length of the platform. As with non-water canine treadmills, because a dog has four limbs, they require a platform that is proportional to the stride length of the dog, meaning that smaller dogs can use a smaller platform and larger dogs require …read more

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