Canine Fitness Equipment: Cones

When it comes to canine fitness equipment, cones and poles are a versatile option that many pet owners don’t immediately think of. Yet, these portable products can be used in many different ways for dogs of all ages and athletic ability. Look no further than human fitness for validation. Many sports use cones and poles (or pole-like hurdles) to train and condition their athletes for the rigor of sport. Using Cones for Canine Fitness Cones can be used to force the dog to move in a more precise way- either by moving point-to-point or through the cones that are set up in specific patterns by the human. Point-to-point cone training Point-to-point cone training can be used for sprinting drills, where the dog sprints from one cone to the other, and then returns. Obviously the distance and speed at which the dog moves to each cone can be adjusted to alter intensity. Pattern cone training Pattern cone training (my made up term) is when cones are set up in a specific pattern and the dog is asked to move through or to the cones in a specific pattern. …read more

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