Canine Fitness Equipment: Caveletti Poles

Caveletti poles are a staple for agility dog fitness and skills training. Indeed, they are often the first piece of equipment purchased for home use by an aspiring agility handler. Despite the perception that Cavelettis are “for agility’, they in fact are an extremely useful and versatile piece of canine fitness equipment that can provide benefits to dogs of all ages, sizes and fitness level. Caveletti poles can be used to force the dog to either go over or under the poles, depending on the height that is set relative to the dog’s body size. For the more traditional use case of “over the poles”, there are several fitness benefits to the dog including: Improve active range of motion, awareness, and eye-limb coordination Facilitate a more equal weight bearing across all four limbs Facilitate proper walking patterns and stride length A dog practicing moving “under the poles” exercises will receive slightly different benefits including: Improve body awareness and control through space Strong core muscles Strong upper back muscles and pulling capability When setting up the poles, it is recommended that they are set at a distant that is …read more

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