Canine Fitness Equipment: Balance Discs and Boards

As I discussed last time, adding some level of instability to a canine exercise can make it more challenging while also requiring the recruitment of stabilizer muscles to control the body. Balance discs and balance (wobble) boards are another excellent choice when it comes to canine fitness equipment. Balance Discs for Dogs Balance discs are low to the ground objects that are often inflated with air. They can come in different shapes and sizes including small and flat round discs, large flat round discs, shaped like a bone, or even shaped like a square seat cushion. These discs make for an unstable surface, and will help the dog improve their proprioception (balance) while simultaneously working the core and other stabilizer muscles. Like with stability balls, increasing the amount of air in the disc will usually make the surface more unstable. Larger discs are more suitable for multi-leg balance drills, while smaller discs, at least for larger dogs, can be used mostly for 1 or 2 paw drills. Balance Boards for Dogs Balance boards, also known as wobble or rocker boards, are also a great tool to work …read more

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