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How Many Calories Does My Dog Need?

How Many Calories Does My Dog Need?

How Many Calories does my Dog Need? Slimdoggy Steve Webinar description: Having an overweight pet is due to overfeeding. Learn how to estimate how many calories your dog needs each day.   BIO: Steve is the Founder and CEO of SlimDoggy, which provides tools and tips for dog owners to help their dogs achieve and maintain a healthy weight and a healthy and happy life. publishers a... »

Get a free inspiration band- update

Inspiration band update. Due to popular demand, the cool inspiration band offer is extended for another two weeks! Read all of the details of the free inspiration band here. Let us know that you would like one by sending us your name and mailing address via the contact form below.   »

Pets Mover of the Month Prize Winners

We are pleased to announce the inaugural winners of our Pets Mover of the Month prize giveaway.  This month’s prize is a free 10 lb bag of custom, freshly made dog food courtesy of Petbrosia.   Our winners were chosen based on their dog’s activity levels as well as their overall involvement on the site.  Without further ado, the winners are listed below. Click on the winners name to v... »

Introducing Group Paws Leader Boards

Thanks to everyone who has already become a PetsMove member. We have already had some amazing feedback and suggestions on how to make our site and community even stronger. One request that we heard often was whether we could track a team of dogs and have team leader boards and prizes. So we did a little more coding and are pleased to announce the release of the “Group” (or Team) Paws Leader Board.... »

<a href= target=_blank >Ingredients A to Z: Biotin in Dog Food</a>

Ingredients A to Z: Biotin in Dog Food

What is biotin? Biotin is water soluble B vitamin that is essential for protein and fatty acid metabolism. Water soluble means that the body will not store excess amounts which are eliminated during urination. Common names for biotin Some common names for Biotin include vitamin B-7, vitamin H, and vitamin H or coenzyme R. Why is Biotin included in dog food? Biotin is included in dog food as a vita... »

PetsMove On The Pet Show

PetsMove on The Pet Show

We made the official PetsMove announcement this Saturday on The Pet Show with Dr. Katy Nelson, on the Washington ABC TV affiliate here: It was a lot of fun to be on the show.  You can tell that Dr. Katy is so excited about it!  We are also!   We will be back on the show with updates and more announcements in the coming months and remember that one of our lucky member... »

<a href= target=_blank >Announcing</a>


This week we have a very special announcement to make for our FitDog Friday post. Tomorrow is the official launch of our new “PetsMove” program ( . Like the First Lady, Michelle Obama’s childhood obesity awareness program “Let’s Move”, our “PetsMove” initiative aims to wake up pet owners, get them up off their sofa and get on the MOVE with their pets! We want both t... »

<a href= target=_blank >Dear Labby – Why is ascorbic acid in my dog food?</a>

Dear Labby – Why is ascorbic acid in my dog food?

Dear Labby, My dog food label is so confusing and contains many ingredients that I don’t recognize. Today, I noticed that there is something called Ascorbic Acid in my dog’s food. Acid? Should I be concerned? I don’t want to be feeding my dog acid! Signed, I am not a chemist Dear Chemist, This is such a great question and one that we have written about in the past in our post on ... »

<a href= target=_blank >Cardio Exercises for Your Dog</a>

Cardio Exercises for Your Dog

By steve This week, we continue our discussion of an optimal fitness program for your dog and will highlight the second component of a balanced program: cardio exercises for your dog. “Cardio”, from the Greek “kardia”, which means heart, is the common term used for aerobic exercise. According to Wikipedia: Aerobic exercise (also known as cardio) is physical exercise of relatively low intensity tha... »

<a href= target=_blank >Coloring in Dog Food – Unnecessary Evils</a>

Coloring in Dog Food – Unnecessary Evils

By steve This week, we will discuss one of our ‘pet peeves’ with the commercial dog food industry – food coloring in dog food. For what it’s worth, we don’t understand or advocate food coloring in human food either but we will keep this focused on dog food. Why is there coloring in dog food? For humans, color and plating can make a dish look more (or less) appealing. The “present... »

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