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<a href= target=_blank >8 Common Dog Treadmill Exercise Mistakes</a>

8 Common Dog Treadmill Exercise Mistakes

For the past 7 years I have been using dog treadmills and training hundreds of dogs to use it. The reasons are different for different folks – but the common goal is to keep dogs fit and healthy. It can be used on a hot, cold, icy or rainy day. It is great for those with busy schedules. It can give your dog the intensity (s)he needs to release pent up energy and improve behavior. It can be a... »

Mover of the Month Contest

Announcing our MOVERS OF THE MONTH Contest! We will be awarding prizes every month for our Movers of the Month. This prize will be awarded to selected PetsMover member(s) who have accumulated the most PAWS as well as participated & promoted the PetsMove initiative to their friends and family. All PetsMove members are eligible, you just have to log your dog’s activity and keep your eye on our L... »

<a href= target=_blank >Benefits of Core Exercises for your Dog</a>

Benefits of Core Exercises for your Dog

Previously, we have written about the benefits of strength and cardio training for your dog. Today we will examine the benefits of core exercises for your dog. As always, please check with your vet before markedly changing your dog’s exercise regimen. Core work, although fairly well integrated into the human fitness industry’s vernacular, is somewhat new to the canine fitness world. Ma... »

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