This week we have a very special announcement to make for our FitDog Friday post. Tomorrow is the official launch of our new “PetsMove” program ( . Like the First Lady, Michelle Obama’s childhood obesity awareness program “Let’s Move”, our “PetsMove” initiative aims to wake up pet owners, get them up off their sofa and get on the MOVE with their pets! We want both the pet owner and their pet to get and stay active, fit and healthy. is a collaboration between SlimDoggy, Dr. Katy Nelson, veterinarian, animal health reporter, and host of The Pet Show on Washington DC’s ABC affiliate and Krista Wickens, CEO of PetZen Products and creator of DogTread and other canine fitness products.

Approximately 60% of pets and their humans have a weight problem in this country. It is costly to have an overfed, under exercised pet both in terms of dollars and the pet’s life span and quality of life. Many people know this but they lack motivation or they just don’t know how to get started or what they should do. With  …read more

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