Agility Dog Training, an Up Close Look: Part 1

We are so excited about this week’s FitDog Friday post. Today we will be sharing part one, of a two part interview we did with local agility trainers and competitors Lillian and Roy Carew, and their dog FloJo. Agility dogs are amazing athletes and we have always wondered what it takes to develop a dog to the level of physical and mental fitness that is required for this sport.

We sat down with “Lil” and Roy and learned about their approach to their canine athletes. You can watch the first part of the interview below. Some of the key points of this segment include:

The importance of a proper warm up for agility dogs

Make no mistake; this sport places a high demand on the dog’s body. Thus, warming up the body for the activity to come is very important both for performance as well as for injury prevention. Watching Flojo warm up made me think of an old Crossfit expression we used to use “our warm up is your workout”. How true! Check out how FloJo warms up in the “Warmup” video.

The importance of mental fitness as well as physical fitness for agility dogs

Yes, an agility dog needs to be fit …read more

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