8 Common Dog Treadmill Exercise Mistakes

For the past 7 years I have been using dog treadmills and training hundreds of dogs to use it. The reasons are different for different folks – but the common goal is to keep dogs fit and healthy.

It can be used on a hot, cold, icy or rainy day. It is great for those with busy schedules. It can give your dog the intensity (s)he needs to release pent up energy and improve behavior. It can be a wonderful way to add variety to your dog’s exercise, play and training.

I have seen a lot of good techniques, and a lot of bad. In an effort to shed some light on providing your dog with the best possible experience, here are 8 common dog treadmill mistakes I often see and how to avoid them to keep your dog running healthy and happy…

1) Skipping Warm Up or Cool Down
Expecting your dog to go from couch to treadmill time without any warm-up is a recipe for injury. The good news, you can do something to prevent it. Simple canine warm-up exercises that stretch your dog’s back, neck and leg muscles will help warm up the …read more

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